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Cant select what songs i want to listen to


Cant select what songs i want to listen to

Ive had spotify for about 4 days. Last night i go to open spotify and the layout of my playlists are different. Instead of the songs being listed and you click on them to listen, you can only press a green button that says "play" and it will play them in shuffled order. Underneath the play button it says "includes" and shows all the songs in your playlist but you can't select them. Ive tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling but it doesnt change anything.


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Hey guys. We believe we've fixed this issue for those of you who have posted in this thread. Can you please confirm? 



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@sek When you open a playlist, are you still seeing the large play button at the top as in this post? If so, could you try restarting your mobile device please.

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Any chance of a sceen capture?


I'm having the same EXACT problem.. I hope this isn't a change or something because I JUST started a subscription and if it is I'm definitely gonna cancel.. Having to hit "Play" and then go to the queue is a pain and one more step that shouldn't be required, and after you select a song from the queue you have to hit "Play" again to get the songs back before you selected the song you wanted.. It's really stupid..

What phone do you have. I have a galaxy s3. So im not sure if its a phone thing or what but yeah this is pissing me off

I have a Galaxy S3 as well.. I saw the screenshot you had and I considered the same possibility..

Are you sure your in your playlists?

If you go to the playlists page using the navigation menu, do you see your playlists?

Does the same thing happen when you go into one?


Yeah, tried that too.. Definitely in playlists.. It just won't let you select a song to play.. Even if you go into Browse mode and click on a category and a playlist to play it'll do the same exact thing.. 

OK, that's new...

It looks like normal on my device - I'm wondering if its a slow rollout new feature...

I'll escalate this to staff 🙂


Thank you very much.. I hope it's not a NEW feature though because this REALLY bites if it is..

If it helps I just installed Spotify on my old Evo 4G and it's acting the same exact way..  Why would they impliment a change like this to make it more difficult to listen to songs???..

Wow if that should be the new design of the Android app, it's indeed a bit strange. o.o


I take it, the little icon on the left is a sidebar that you can pull out? Any chance of a screenshot of that? Just curious. 😉

Yeah.. All looks the same.. Except the playlists.. 


2013-10-20 18.01.30.png

I  just bought a spotify subscription for my friend who has an android phone. He messaged me today about this same problem! I didnt know how to help him because I have an iphone. Hopefully someone can help soon. It's pretty annoying. It was working fine for him yesterday.

Ah alright, well let's see what the staff has to say about it!

But that won't happen soon, I think no moderator is here anymore - gotta wait till tomorrow. 😉

Could one of you post the spotify version shown in settings so I know what to avoid please.

Version  But the thing is, it never did a Google Play update.. Just kinda internally updated itself.. Because the first thing I was gonna do is revert back to a previous version.. No such luck, cause you can't in Google Play.. What version do you have on yours?

I have the same so it looks like another of the phased rollouts of new features. Seems totally wrong this time. We'll get back to you guys tomorrow once we can grab one of the staff.

I'm having the same problem. I had the 48 hour trial and decided to upgrade to premium. The day after I upgraded to premium, it stopped letting me choose the songs i wanted to play.

same here just purchased subscription because i liked the fact i was able to click on whatever song i wanted please fix this spotify 

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