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Cant use my spotify premium - google smart lock blocks spotify starting


Cant use my spotify premium - google smart lock blocks spotify starting

My wife has a google nexus 6. Up until about a week ago, spotify worked fine and she uses it most days (she pays for premium).  Now, if she opens spotify, a few seconds later, some sort of weird smart lock messages pops up, and closes spotify app down.


We tried rebooting the phone, didnt help. 


We found several posts with the same issue, but none had replies.


Any suggestions?

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Hello, same thing here. I disabled Smart lock first, then removed that Google account from my phone, but I still cannot start Spotify. Does Google block it intentionally?


1. Act on flight mode on mobile phone
2. start the App Spotify and unsubscribe via settings
3. change the password of Spotify in the internet browser
4. turn off the flight mode on the phone
5. Start the App spotify
6. who will ask if the Google smart Lock is known because then select not known
7. log in as usual
8. App close again

and then everything goes back to normal

This isn't a resolution for me. I've deleted my saved Spotify password dozens of times already, uninstalled and reinstalled the program, changed my password on the web to match the one for Google, and changed it independently. 


I just tried downloading again and the same thing is still happening. I can enter my password to log in, but it immediately blinks off and never opens. Screenshot of the empty spotify and the latest version I downloaded are attached.


I'm currently using a workaround by downloading playlists to my very old ipod and listening to that on the long commute home. But this is making me feel like I should start paying for Pandora 😞

Screenshot_20190606-075236_One UI Home.jpg
Screenshot_20190606-075257_Google Play Store.jpg

@nicholastwj wrote:


Check your registered email's inbox, Spotify might have sent a mail telling you that they have reset your password due to suspicious activity. Reset it, go offline and log out of your account in the app > go back online and log in.


Hope it helps! 

This worked perfectly, thank you!

We tried everything, including reinstalling, changing spottify password etc. Nothing helped. In the end we had to go out and buy an iphone, and bin the Nexus 6.

  • I get a Blue Ribbing across the screen which says GoogleSmartLock and my business email, which I don't  use with Spotify. Locks the log-on process. Tried everything, Disable smart lock, New download, U name it. But nothing wotks. Much annoying  😞  Brand new S9.

No screen copy cause of security.

Did u get it resolved?. I'm also currently experiencing the same problem

After maybe two and a half months and several phone updates later, I again
tried downloading and it finally worked. I still don't know what the
problem was but it must have been an incompatibility with my phone software
and spotify version.

This worked for me!  I don't have a subscription, so I didn't have to unsubscribe.  My Smart Lock was causing my app not to log in.  So, after removing my password from my saved Smart Lock passwords (you have to do that through your Google acct), I turned on Airplane mode, logged into the Spotify app, then logged into Spotify on my PC and changed my password, then turned Airplane mode off on my phone.  It kicked my out of the app, I closed it (just for safe measure), reopened it and put in the new password.  Ta-da!! It worked!  It didn't ask me to save it to Smart Lock, but I won't have it do that again..  Thanks Lena1212!

Worked for me. Thank you so much!

My premium Spotify account just suddenly stopped working today WHILE I WAS LISTENING TO MUSIC on a Samsung S10+. The widget on the home screen disappeared first and couldn't get added back in. After I closed the app and reopened it, it wouldn't sign in and the Google Smart Lock Ribbon started flashing and sometimes crashed the app.

I was having the same issue with my Samsung S10 + I had to go into the app store and update the app. When I opened the app google smart lock popped up with my my user name on it. It asked while profile I wanted to sign in with and I choose "none of the above." After that, it allowed me to log in with my username and password and is now working fine. 

Hopefully that helps someone else fix the problem. 

what i did was when it tried to google smart lock log in, i would click repeatedly really fast on the middle of the screen, where the button with "log in without password" is. Then go back and now you can log in. I screamed at my phone for an hour. How is this not fixed yet.

for some reason on my samsung galaxy j5 from 2016 it wont show a "smart lock" feature for google and it keep trying to log into spotify with the wro ng password and it wont let me change the log in on the phone 

I have the same issue now. 

Nothing written here has worked. I've tried everything including resetting my phone. I've contacted Google and they say it isn't something to do with them. It's spotify. The changing country in profile didn't work and going into airplane mode works to get the login screen up but goes right back to Google Smart Lock. Deleting it in passwords doesn't work either. 


It's been a couple weeks now. I asked the reps in the Verizon store if they knew anything and they said its alot of phones and they named off many of the solutions here but stated that sometimes they work but most of the time spotify hadn't worked on anyone's phone since this Google Smart Lock started taking the app over. They also said its a few other apps to but with Spotify its common. 


Why is there no fix? 

Smart lock settings IN BROWSER. 

The way I got past this absolutely annoying thing is the following. After you get in the infinite loop of Google Smart lock trying to auto-login with wrong credentials, restart the Spotify app and tap "Sign up with email". After typing in your email that already has an account set up under, you'll be asked whether you want to log in to an existing account. Of course you do and that's where you get to type in your correct password. I hope this helps.

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