Car radio BT controls not working


Car radio BT controls not working




The Netherlands


Huawei Mate 20

Operating System

Android 9.0


My Question or Issue

For several weeks now I have been having trouble skipping/pausing songs on the Bluetooth radio in my car. I've looked on the internet for a solution but haven't managed to find one so far.

Things I already have tried:
- Updating Spotify to the latest version

- A clean install, removing the cache and all app information on my phone
- Updated the firmware of my radio to the latest version
- Installed the latest software update for the phone
- Disabled the ''Car Play'' option under Spotify's settings
- Re-paired bluetooth on the radio and phone

- Re-paired bluetooth on the radion and phone without giving access to contacts and call history (I saw that being suggested as a solution somewhere)

Extra information:
- Sometimes it will let me skip one song, then after it continues to not work again. It also doesn't work if the screen is active
- I've tested skipping songs with multiple other music streaming apps and media players. All of them worked, so this is definitely a spotify sided issue.

If someone can help me fix this problem it will be greatly appreciated!


Thank you.

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Re: Car radio BT controls not working


Thank you for posting this. I have the same issue as well, started 3 updates ago (roughly 3 weeks ago). Unable to see tag ID or switch songs.


Very close to switching to another streaming platform.

Re: Car radio BT controls not working


This sounds like the same problem other users already documented in: