Change Log?

Change Log?


As someone who likes to know what exactly is going on with the applications running on my devices, a list of changes made by an update is very important to me. 


A search for change logs for Spotify, especially for the Android platform, seems to send me to multiple places in the community pages and they all have logs that are several years old. Nothing about the most recent update that I just loaded on my phone.


While I understand that to gather this information manually can be time consuming, there are plenty of tools available that would link into your source control and generate this information for you. Then a simple link that to that from the Play Store page or even better as part of the about box should be simple to do.

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Hey @JRSofty,

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Right now, Spotify doesn't have plans to implement a detailed changelog with both changes and reasoning behind it for every app update.


You can add your support to this idea to let Spotify know that it's something that you'd like to see.

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Are you **bleep**ing kidding me?? Post you're referring to IS FROM 2016! is that so little time to reflect on a thing supported by almost 1500 people, many of which PAY YOU FOR THIS SERVICE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. 


Yes, I also find this ridiculous that they do not publish their changes. Nearly every developer of both desktop and mobile software publishes changes they made for its users. I'm not sure why Spotify thinks they are immune to this common practice. Even Google gives details about the changes they make to frequently updated apps.


I think we'll even settle for a simple change log like "We fixed a crash that happens to Android 8 users" or "We added a new setting for privacy". Just anything other than the generic statement statement there now. Its for everyones benefit. That way we know if the bug we submitted is actually getting taken care of, or keep us from submitting a bug you've just fixed in the last update.

Would it be possible to know why Spotify doesn't plan on supporting a change log?

Exactly my thinking! I would also like to know why Spotify has been refusing to provide a changes log with each macOS and iOS update


Bump, again




This is ridiculous and lazy. Publish a changelog


Hey folks,


Thanks for reaching out to us. We're sorry to hear you feel this way and we'll shed some light on the situation.


Currently there isn't a detailed changelog. But as @Maxim mentioned you can head here and add your +VOTE. That way you can also leave your feedback.


You can also click on Subscribe. By doing that you can be up-to-date with any relevant updates about this. It's good to know that higher the number of votes an idea gets, the more likely it is for the idea to be implemented.    


Here you can find more information about the release process.


Hope this was helpful for you. If you have questions, you know where to find us.

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So sad to see that spotify employs only bad developers who are not able to keep a simple changlog or release notes.


Yea leave a note and be sure to be ignored because spotify's devs are too lazy for release notes or valueing customers with it.


To have information about that process is useless when it is not clear what a user can expect of that release.



There are several ways to achieve it automatically.
But spotify devs seem to be really overpaid and to lazy for release notes.


I would appreciate a changelog this is absolutely common practice and very important for customer. Nevertheless, calling spotify developers lazy is not fair! This is a management decision and a delicate one: Someone has to decide which information in which granularity a company wants to share with its customers!


They have such a huge "Ideas" section but they don't implement a lot of good ideas. I'm sure the developers know what features they are adding and removing because they aren't thinking up the stuff as they go along. I'm sure they follow a To-do list so a simple list of changes wouldn't even require any effort but they spend more time developing security measures instead of features so they wouldn't want any "pirates" to know about those changes. Security is probably their biggest hurdle or barrier to new features.


I noticed the option to choose your desired "Download quality" has disappeared in the Windows Desktop app recently and now I'm wondering if it's an actual change in the the way the app works or maybe I'm just doing something wrong. Why would they remove that good feature!? Are people ripping high quality music, now Spotify devs have made only normal quality music available for download (and ripping)? If this is the case then I'm moving to a different music provider for 320kbps offline music.


Does anyone know if the "Streaming quality" option is the same as the "Download quality" option and they just merged those settings?



Hey there folks,


Thank you for your posts and feedback. 


We're constantly aiming to improve our features so we hope you’ll continue using it and find it gets better in the future. 

You can read about how your feedback reach Spotify here.


@N-ichola-z - Offline downloading on Desktop is synced to highest quality if you're a Premium user and has enabled high quality streaming.



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A quick summary of what's changed on each new release would be a great start.


For now fewer updates would help, with more noticeable improvements and fixes, or simply letting users turn off auto-updates until you can explain any changes.


For reference on why and how:


Keep a Changelog

The Benefit of Software Release Notes (

How to write a changelog and why it matters – IT Support Guides




This is indeed very weird from you Spotify people.
We love the service, no doubt, but not providing basic info on your updates is just lazy and bad practice...

How are we going to know when the shuffle is finally updated and stop being absolute trash?


Hey @MikeVanRose


Thanks for reaching out about this.


We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback with us and we'll make sure to pass it onto the right team, as we always strive to improve your experience. 


For more info about the updates we've made, we'd recommend keeping an eye out on our News Blog


If anything else comes up, we're always a message away. 


Have a good one 🙂

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They cut out the Car View mode in the android app! And now they say that they did it to build something cooler and newer! Are you kidding me? Test new features on your test circuits, don't touch production! I can't even find out in which version they cut this feature!

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