Changing country killed my Spotify settings


Changing country killed my Spotify settings

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Hello, I'm Italian and work in the Netherlands.
I always travel through the two countries many times (like weekends in Italy and working days in the Netherlands).
I used to have my Spotify Premium since like 2 years working always correctly.
I was registered in Italy, with an Italian phone, an Italian credit card and my Spotify account associated with Italian Vodafone.
When I was here in the Netherlands everything used to work fine: I just had to insert my Dutch sim (from lycamobile) and use the data traffic here.

This morning I just went out from the apartment and Spotify stopped working.
So I checked on my phone and I found that was logged out and was impossible to login.
Than I made a search on the Internet, and I found I had to change the country in my account.
That ok, I changed it via browser and my only choices were Italy and UK (WTF? I'm in the Netherlands.) anyway I selected UK and added my Dutch phone number.
Seems to be able to login now. At least.

Then I discovered the really annoying thing: all my offline contents gone without any warning, and, most of all, after the first song played I heard a commercial!
My Premium is GONE!
It was charged on my credit card like 10 days ago and it's gone!

I didn't subscribe again yet because I don't want to be charged two times.
Also, I want to understand the implications of this: next time I will start Spotify in Italy I will have to change again my profile and to subscribe again and to redownload all my song?

This appear really insane to me.
If so, I would say that my long live experience with Spotify ends here.

Any help is appreciated.
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Re: Changing country killed my Spotify settings

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Hey @Sfarfarini ! First of all welcome to community ^^


I escalated your issue. It seems you got a unique issue.

You will get and reply/message soon.



Re: Changing country killed my Spotify settings

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Thanks Nico for escalating my issue,

Before I was writing from my phone, but now I'm in front of my computer and
I can provide you more details to address the issue.
Something is wrong with the billing on my account and this could result in
the issue I had, I guess.

I used to benefit from an offer from my Italian carrier (Vodafone) for six
months free Premium that started in January 2015 and expired in June.
Than I've seen my credit card regularly charged by Spotify (as expected) in
July and August, but I can't see the corresponding receipt in my Spotify
account: the last receipt I see is from January.

But what I'm really concerned about is to understand the implications of
this country limitation: I travel through the two countries often for work,
and I have a sim card for every country which I use there (I also have a
french sim card for example, which I use a lot less).
I'm trying to understand if I will need to change my account details every
time I change sim in my phone and I connect to the network in a different
I take usually something like 8 or 10 flights per month, and remember every
time to change my account details (and I hope I will not need to download
all my offline contents again and again) is honestly insane and
unacceptable for a service that charges me 10 euro per month with the
promise to provide me "mobility".
That's not mobility, that's madness.

I really hope somebody can clarify this point.

Re: Changing country killed my Spotify settings

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Hey @Sfarfarini!

Lets figure this out.

I got a few questions.^^

1. Are you sure you got the latest version of spotify?

2. Have you double checked your oflline devices ? Do they correspond with approved devices currently being used on the account?

3. Do you've got issues with your offline content on your computer too ? Also keep in mind you can use three devices with offline content.

4. Maybe you got more then 3 devices with offline content ?



Re: Changing country killed my Spotify settings



Hello the same problem happened to me... i am living in France studying and all of a sudden spotify tells me i can only use it for 14 days in another country, I am from Mexico, so when i research about it only said to change country so i went into the settings in my computer and it automatically changed my country to France but when i got out of the settings a pop-up told me that i am back to Spotify Free and i have not been able to change it back to  spotify premium... 


Help, please what should i do?