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Cheap Android tablet as a spotify player

Cheap Android tablet as a spotify player


because it's forbidden to use Spotify on my work notebook as well as to have any mp3 files on it's hdd, I consider to buy some small (7") and cheap tablet just for playing music from spotify when I'm sitting at my desk (work as a programmer in openspace..). The reason why I don't want to use my mobile phone is that I usually listen to music all day so I don't want to consume battery life of my expensive phone since battery is unchangeable (or at special services only). For example, I found android tablet "Lenovo TAB 3 7 Essential Ebony" for $70, but the question is whether the music quality will not be too low. Could I ask you for your opinion? Is it worth buying a tablet like this for listening to music? Or I should buy some better one and more expensive? Which one? Thank you for all opinions.

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The logical answer is to connect your phone to a charger while you play music on it. I'm not too sure why you think buying a tablet would be better.

Every day, all the time connected to charger means that after a short period I would have to change a battery which is impossible - you must go to service. And then again and then again. In case of some cheap tablet/phone I don't care about if it would have to be connected all the time at the end, because tablet will run 10 minutes without a charger...

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