Chromecast Audio Connection Dropping

Chromecast Audio Connection Dropping

Hi, I have Chrome cast audio connected to my receiver. When I cast music through Spotify on my phone (Samsung Galaxy s6), the music plays for about a minute before the connect drops. I haven't measured the time it takes to drop the connect, but it always seems to be about a minute. And this now always happens. How can I this be fixed?
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The workaround I currently use is casting my screen directly to Audio, then playing the Spotify music app on my phone. It works, except it's not pretty because I get alerts for texts and emails, etc. mixed in the songs. I've kept the Spotify app updated but I have not seen any resolution of the issues.


Same exact problem for me, some songs just go dead quiet after 10 seconds.


Plays just fine out from the Phone or cast to a AVR.


Something is messed up with Chromecast.


Started today, June 30 2017.

So, this is a Spotify forum and a thread over 1 year long without any acknowledgment or response from Spotify?
Based on troubleshooting with other devices and streaming services this issue appears pretty squarely with the app.

Exact same issue. I've tried: deleting cache, reinstalling, placing the phone closer to the router, placing the phone closer to the CCA, connecting and disconnecting wifi; and the internet company came home and changed the router. Oh , but Grateful Dead has been casting wonderfully for hours now, with the slick SoundCloud app. I will probably cancel my Spotify premium account shortly. What a pity. It would be great if someone from Spotify could actually provide some information in this thread.

Requesting a Spotify staff member to please comment on this issue, and whether there will be any attempts to develop a solution.

There are countless threads about this problem - and there's been no acknowledgement or comments from Spotify on any of them. Persistent connectivity drop-outs are a pretty major flaw in the Spotify service.

If anything is going to make me switch to another music provider, it's this. We're using the latest technology - premium devices and software (not to mention paying a subscription) to get the best services available, but a modern home stereo setup simply doesn't work due to a major issue that Spotify seems to be ignoring, while claiming to have Chromecast Audio compatibility. This issue is not present in other streaming services.

If there are any real and current attempts to solve this problem, it would be very relieving to hear. Based on Spotify's lack of correspondence on the issue I can't help but conclude that no one is trying.

I've been testing Google Play Music with Chromecast, and is working without
a glitch, as it was to be expected from Google.
It's free the first month!
Maybe the interface is not so nice as Spotifys, but I can listen to music
again without interruption!!!!
I'll cancel my subscription of Spotify!
I'm glad there is competition!


I have the same issue, so there is no real workaround ? 


So i will change to a other music stream service.. 


It worked for over a year no it is just luck getting to work.. 


Seems to be a problem with spotify only, cause other services run for hours without problems.. 


Same problem here. Everyone I ask has it too. Sometimes it keeps playing, but the connection with the phone is always lost after a few seconds so you can't control volume or play a new song anymore.


Pretty annoying because it is the main thing I use Spotify for.


i have this problem also


Hello, i have the same phone and chrome cast, since 2 days while i'm sliding songs the connection drops every time. i had to touch "device available" part to reconnect for each song. I guess  i'will stop using spotify. 


i had the same problem. i'm using samsung s7 edge and chromecast. however while i'm changing songs spotify is losing the connection and it happens every time.

I can't find any professional feedback from this company. neither an 7/24 call center either an e-mail support way. 


Same here with an Samsung S6 and Chromecast. Just bought that thing. Wish I did read this again.

Unbelievable that Spotify don't give a reaction to this for over a year.

Is just saying something too much to ask?


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