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Chromecast Streaming Issue (Android and Chromecast)

Chromecast Streaming Issue (Android and Chromecast)







LG G5 / Chromecast Audio

Operating System

Android 7.0


My Question or Issue

 I've noticed that Spotify doesn't shuffle very well whenever I'm casting. 300+ songs and it won't shuffle all of them, and I find it does the closest 50 - 100 from where I select the first song on my library. I'm also having issues with Spotify not syncing with my phone while casting. I can't change songs from the banner, it will lose connection and force me to restart Spotify in my phone to change songs in app (but I don't lose network connection), won't let me queue songs, and sometimes I lose the ability to change the volume in spotify (which I have to do in Google Home more often then not).


Not sure how to fix these issues. Spotify, android, and chromecast are all up to date, and I'm on the same network as all of the cast devices. 

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Hey there @Somethingnew,


Thanks for posting regarding this and welcome to the community 🙂


No worries though, we can help!


Regarding shuffling the same first 100 songs while casting, you can read more in this support site article:

If you're using Spotify Connect or another wireless connection method to play from one device to another, it's possible only the first 100 tracks in the playlist are transferred to the other device, which means the shuffled tracks are only selected from those first 100 tracks.

As for adding songs to the queue while casting, we'd recommend heading here and adding your +VOTE to stay updated on the status of the issue.


On another note, to better troubleshoot the volume issue, we'd recommend first giving it a try and performing a clean reinstall of the app and then restarting both devices.


If that doesn't help, you can also try restarting your router if possible. Also, make sure that your Google Home device is set in the right region.


Let us know how that goes! We'll be here if you need more help.

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Reinstalling the app doesn't solve the volume issue because it's persisted across several reinstalls. If my phone is left for ~10 - 20 minutes and I try to change the song, or volume, I need to restart the app or use the google home app to do so.


I'm assuming that means there are no plans to fix the shuffle issue?


And I've hit the "+vote" on the other issue, so I'll wait on that. 

Hey @Somethingnew,


Thanks for getting back to us. The intended behaviour when using Spotify Connect is that you can manage what music plays, but the volume slider will not affect the device you're connecting to, which needs to be handled through the device itself. 


Can you tell us more about what happens when you're not able to change songs? It seems to be correlated with the volume issue. If you could tell us step by step, and send screenshots, that'd be great. 


Regarding Shuffle, the right team is looking into it. You can check this thread for more info.



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