Chromecast and Home stopped working


Chromecast and Home stopped working


Spotify stopped working over Chromecast and Google Home:

-  Android app shows connection to Chromecast, but when selecting play - the screen jumps through multiple songs and no audio is heard

- Same issue over Google Home

- Other apps/sources still work via Chromecast and Home

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This is happening to me too.  Can listen to spotify on my phone and laptop.  But if i ask my google home to play something it says "OK", but then is silent.  Notification on my phone jumps 3 tracks and then the seek bar moves along counting the seconds along, but no music is heard.  If i select to listen on my phone as another device it plays the song from the point it was supposed to be up to.  Swapping back to my google mini makes it do the tracker skipping thing and no music!  Tried resetting my google mini, uinlinking account from mini. logging in and out of spotify etc, but no joy!  Can anyone help?

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I have the same trouble with iPhone 7 and chromecast

I have a premium account, my daughter's free account works trouble free

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Yeap same here, plays on phone but not google. When I ask Google to take over the music it will skip a couple tracks then just show that it is playing a song. Nothing plays through the speakers though. 

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This is pretty frustrating. It's doing the same to me as well. It'd be nice if someone from Spotify would respond. I've sent in emails for technical support and get emails telling to restart my device. I've been using Spotify forever now, I'd hate to switch to something else now....

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I'm having the same exact issue, and good to know I am not alone... Does anyone know if this can be related to a recent Spotify update, that for some reason is creating that strange glitch when trying to play music on Google Home?... I'm sure they are working on it... 

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Same for me! Spotify update on my device two days ago and, since yesterday, No more Spotify on my Google Home!
It says "ok", skip 2 or 3 songs, the progress bar (of the song) runs but nothing on my GH or JBL cromecast speakers...

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Same problem here as well.


Plays through phone fine. but cannot cast to google devices.


Other music apps work casting from phone, just spotify that doesnt work

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Experiencing same issue.


I tried

- making sure Spotify app is up to date. No updates available.

- wiping data and cache from 

Spotify app and re-signing in. Not fixed.

- seeing if casting still works from other apps eg YouTube. Yes, problem is with Spotify only.

- rebooting phone. Rebooting Chromecast. Rebooting router. Not fixed.

- waiting and re-trying later. Still not fixed and it's been about 2 days.


Description: connecting appears to work fine. Spotify logo appears on tv. Music won't start playing on Chromecast.


Sometimes, it will show a track but not play, and the Spotify app on the phone will start skipping through songs quickly as if pressing the skip forward button immediately as each starts. Then the Spotify app on the phone will appear to play a song but it won't actually play on Chromecast.


Sometimes, Spotify on the TV will say "remote control" and tell me to use my phone to start playing something. But the phone thinks that the Chromecast is not properly connected or is disconnected.