Chromecast on Spotify acting strange.

Chromecast on Spotify acting strange.

A couple of weeks ago Spotify started acting strange when casting to Chromecast. I always need to restart the app for it to find my devices and if i start casting to one unit and then change to antoher ont the unit I used first is gone until I force close the app and restart it.


Chromecast for Spotify has gotten worse the last couple of months. It worked fine before but now it seems like spotify is experimenting too much on an already great product and that messes up things. 


Has anyone else noticed that chromecast on Spotify has been acting strange lately?



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Check out this bug topic - Can't connect to Chromecast Audio. You can also search on the word "chromecast" to find other relevant threads.

I'm having a hard time getting Spotify to work correctly with chromecast too lately. Especially when trying to play from a radio station and queueing up a song from a Playlist. Have tried restarting all tech in the house including router phone and chromecast. No new firmware is available for chromecast audio.

Now I'm playing from radio and repeatedly tried to connect to Chromecast Audio. At first I failed several times and it was just "Connecting..." then nothing. Some times it started playing music on the chromecast but not updating the progress in Spotify app (looks like it is paused and time not moving forward), while other times playing on both the speakers of the phone and the chromecast at the same time (synchronized) but the next song the sync was way off. I believe the issue is isolated to playing from a radio station, which is sad..

Im running the latest avaliable version of Spotify

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