Clearing Recents Kills Queue


Clearing Recents Kills Queue

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First I want to say that I love the Spotify app. It looks great, and 90%, it's super easy to use. My only problem, however, has to do with clearing recent apps in JB. I'm OCD about my phone and what's running. Because of this, basically every time I go to lock my app, I hit the recents button, and clear all of them (swipe each one to the side). The problem here is that if I clear Spotify off my recent list, Spotify forgets what it's playing. It will finish playing the song it was on... And then just stop. If you go into the app, it will present you with a now playing screen that is blank. This is seriously annoying! The Play Music app doesn't do this, Pandora doesn't do this. They just keep on doing their thing until you stop them. 



Clearing Spotify from the recent apps (4.0+) causes it to forget its queue and stop playing once it finishes the current song.


Anybody else experience this/irritated by this?


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Re: Clearing Recents Kills Queue

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Yes this is a limitation of the current app. There are several threads and ideas about improving this.

Android is quite capable of managing memory use for you though - unused memory is wasted memory - so there's no need to kill/close/swipe off apps you no longer need!
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