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[Connect] The state of the 100 song limit (shuffle mode) in 2019

[Connect] The state of the 100 song limit (shuffle mode) in 2019


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A quick google search shows that there are many, many people experiencing this issue and it's been going on for YEARS and hasn't been fixed. How can this be?


My girlfriend had a Google Chromecast that I had set up for her and her daughter to listen to their music only to find out that only artists beginning with letters A and B would play. OK, shuffle is broken on the Chromecast, I'll give her a dedicated PC I had lying around and install KODI so she could finally listen to her music. It worked, no more 100 song limit, but problem was that it was not intuitive enough for her and her daughter since the Spotify addon is a user created one, sometimes buggy: there's no official addon from Spotify. To many clicks here and there to access the playlist, and she'd still have to use her Chromecast for Netflix and whatnot.

I've decided to bite the bullet and get them a NVIDIA SHIELD for Christmas so everything would finally work and she wouldn't have to use different devices and switch between them all the time depending on if she wanted to listen to music or watch a movie or play YouTube videos for her daughter. Well, SHUFFLE IS STILL BROKEN! Stuck with the 100 song limit. I am so mad. I paid big bucks (over $250) to make them happy, money that I shouldn't have spent that way, but I thought they'd be so happy and stop struggling to listen to music properly, in 2019. My girlfriend pays for a premium account and is stuck with the same music playing over and over.

As for me, I'd like to really like spotify, but for as long as a simple function like shuffling a playlist will be broken, I will not pay to use this service. I'll keep torrenting my music.

At this point, I should just tell her to cancel her subscription and I'll tell her to use

KODI for music. It really sucks to have to do this because Spotify is awesome... on paper!


tl;dr: My girlfriend and I spend a lot of money on a service that doesn't work properly: can't shuffle songs from a playlist properly, stuck with the same songs playing over and over. Can we have it fixed in 2019 PLEASE?



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