Connecting phone to playstation - impossible?

Connecting phone to playstation - impossible?


Ok I've just spent over an hour searching the internet for a solution to my problem, and all I found was one thread with the same problem that went unsolved, so hopefully someone can help me here.


The problem:

I cannot connect to my PS3 from my Sony Xperia Z3 Compact. In Spotify, the Playstation is shown under available device. I select it while I have Spotify open on the playstation. My phone says "connecting" and the Spotify logo flashes on the TV for a second, then disappears. My phone keeps saying "connecting" for a while, then goes back to "devices available". Might be slightly different in English, I am using the Dutch version.


What I have tried:

The PS3 and phone are connected to the same network. I was at my friend's house and tried to connect my phone to his Playstation 4 while on his wifi, same problem. He tried the same thing on his Xperia Z1 and it worked fine. He doesn't have premium, I do. On my PS3 I tried removing the app, logging out on my phone, reinstalling and starting the app, logging in there, then logging in on my phone. Still the same problem.


It's frustrating to me because I can see the PS3 (and my friend's PS4 recognising the attempt by flashing the logo, but never actually connecting. Also the fact that I have a Sony phone trying to connect to a Sony console and it doesn't work, while my friend has an older Sony phone and no premium and it works for him. Any solutions? I really want to use my phone as a remote because the shuffle feature on Playstation is horrible. Out of my 400+ songs in a playlist it only shuffles between the first 30 or so.

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