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Any News on how to fix this? Its driving me nuts!!

Its getting to the point that we might unsubscribe and delete the app, if i dont have the app constantly in 'offline mode' while i'm away from the wifi it chews through some of my data!!!! its frustrating!!!!

Re: Connecting to Spotify Notification


Come on Spotify, really? I mean, REALLY?! Your app is eating through my battery like it has a sudden case of diarrhea and the issue has been around for months without a fix. Please FFS, fix it! If I get anymore desperate I'll have to decompile the app and find the defect for you, but wouldn't that be kind of embarrassing?


This is on:

T-Mobile Samsung S7 (SM-G930T)

Android 8.0.0 (Oreo)

Build: R16NW.G930TUVS8CRL1 (December 1st, 2018 Security Patch level, although it happened on the version before this one too.)

Using a Pebble paired to my phone too, which I believe uses the status broadcasting feature (e.g. For what you're currently listening to) from Spotify, but not sure. 


I hardly use it on my phone, but I commonly have the desktop app open on my computer at home which stays on 24/7, so maybe that has something to do with it? 


That's all the info I have and my preferences aren't really anything crazy. 

Re: Connecting to Spotify Notification


Started happening when I installed Spotify on my Galaxy Smart Watch. Might be coincidence.

Solved / worked around the problem:

. Hold press the app

. App Settings

. Notifications 

Switched them off! 👍 

Re: Connecting to Spotify Notification


I don't know if this helps, but I have the same problem, but I have a Fitbit charge 3, which is one you cant download any apps on. I see that most people say it happens to them when it's on a galaxy watch which you can download the app on. I did, however have the galaxy fit 2 for a while, but I never had that happen to me. I did have it randomly open completely and start paying music when I had the app on the gear fit 2. This happens on my galaxy s8. I don't want to turn off notifications because that would stop the player from being in my notifications when I play music on my phone, and that's way too inconvenient for me, because I use spotify all the time.