Constant App Crash

Constant App Crash

I have a Note 3 on Jellybean that won't open the Spotify app. I have 12Gb storage, I tried to reinstall the app multiple times, and reported the problem.

At first it would crash randomly while making a playlist or other things and now it just won't open whatsoever and just has a pop up that says Spotify has crashed.

I've just resorted to using my old iPhone for Spotify since I've given up on the Android version.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks
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I also have Note 3 on android 4.3 and the app works fine if I don't modify any playlists and just listen music, but if I modify playlists with pc the changes wont update in the android app and after some time (5 mins-  5 hours) the app starts crashing and I have to restart  my phone multiple times + clear spotify cache from app manager to open spotify again. App version Older versions did have the same problem sometimes but this newest version sust doesn't work at all.

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