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Constantly re-downloading music, help? (Galexy S5 Neo)

Constantly re-downloading music, help? (Galexy S5 Neo)

Hey Guys 


So i just got Spotify about 4 days ago, within these 4 days i have had to "download" my entire library. in and around 858 songs everytime. I was wondering what the issue is. my friend who has been a Spotify member for months now says this has never happened to him. OH and I'm a premium membership holder and i also have looked into were the files download to and I'm not sure how they do it.


Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks guys!!


1 Reply

Yep this has happened numerous times to me ,no solution ,no help no customer support, not to mention spotify only plays when it feels like ,sometimes songs play sometimes they don't . I'm a premium member. I'm patientlying waiting for someone to make a similar music site that actually works like it's supposed to . This site has been around for years and they still haven't worked out the simplest of bugs . Laziness,I don't know my opinion is they just don't care . If they did we wouldn't have to use this ridiculous support forum. Which by the way had no way for me to start a topic . It came up one time niw the option has disappeared and hasn't returned in months. So you tell me. Someone please start a site that works like it's supposed to. Very frustrated. Just this morning I wrestled for an hour just trying to get it to connect to Bluetooth. Finally it just decided it felt like it. Unbelievable.

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