Crazy data usage


Crazy data usage

Music Fan

Android 5.1.1

Nexus 6.

Music quality set to High (medium setting.)

Spotify using 200-250mb per day of BACKGROUND data.

Total foreground data was about 75mb.


75mb even seems high, since I spent maybe 60 minutes total streaming music over radio.

Removed and reinstalled.


Two songs played. A total of about 9 minutes.
App set to the medium setting, 'high quality.'
Foreground data: 9mb
Background data: 13mb
Total of: 22mb
22mb is pretty excessive for TWO songs.


9mb seems "about right" but what is the 13mb of background data?



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Re: Crazy data usage


I also have this problem.


I used 100MB just for a 45 minute drive home. Previously before upgrading to premium i might use 25MB. I have my streaming set to normal to use as little data as possible.

Over the last 2 days spotify has used 1GB of data. I have checked the cache and there is 1GB of files stored.

Does spotify download every song i skip even tho i have set it to not sync over cellular.


I do not wish to download the music i am listening to. All i want is the free version, without the ads, without the limit on skipping. I do not want to cache songs i do not listen to.