Daily Mix loses variety of genres over time

Daily Mix loses variety of genres over time

When the Daily Mixes first showed up, they were great, each one carrying a different type of music, roughly correlating with different decades.  In different moods I'd want to listen to different mixes.

Since then, I've found different Mixes seem to be converging, so 4 out of the 6 mixes are offering the same type of music, all corresponding to the same mood.  Good selections themselves, but what does Spotify expect me to listen to when I'm in the other moods? I have to go back to using Discover or the "This is" playlists or radios, which kind of defeats the point of inventing the Daily Mixes.

What is the algorithm for determining the Daily Mixes?  Is anyone else having this same trouble?  Maybe Spotify needs to build 12 Daily Mixes not 6 to cover our range of listening interests.

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