Dangerous Android Bluetooth Auto Resume

Dangerous Android Bluetooth Auto Resume

Spotify will not STOP autoresume play at WRONG times in Vehicle. It does not autoresume when the car is started. It autoresumes after a Bluetooth phone call is completed. I. E. driving along in silence, then a phone call (incoming or outgoing) hang up the phone, and WHAM! loud audio induced heart attack in traffic. Ok. Close Spotify. Close All Apps. Exit everywhere it is possible to exit. Eat a meal, wake-up next morning (whatever), start driving in silence, listen to step one of a voice navigation or take a call and again, WHAM!! Spotify is back! Heck I've rebooted the phone since the last time I used Spotify! How is this possible? NO other app does this. In fact playing a YouTube video or Pandora in the car is the ONLY way I can get Spotify to stop taking over my car Bluetooth via sneak attack while driving. But it Will Not release my car from autoresume any other way. And why does it wait until after a call or voice nav? Bluetooth is always on.
No autoresume features I can find in app settings to turn off. (latest versions Android and Spotify) Any help hugely appreciated!!
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In my case I have my entire MP3 collection stored with Google Play Music. I use that for when I really want high quality audio using my own MP3 rips. However, when I am using Bluetooth to play audio from Play Music, stop and get out of the car, then get back in, restart the car, and press Play, I'll get a second or two of Play Music, then Spotify clobbering it with whatever was last in queue there, EVEN WHEN SPOTIFY WAS FORCEFULLY STOPPED. 


Spotify needs to be LESS AGGRESSIVE about Autoplay over Bluetooth. It's really pissing me off.

Me too. This stupid app is way too aggressive. I'm uninstalling and cancelling my membership. Everytime I start the car it autoplays. Everytime I end a phone call it autoplays. Everytime I switch from FM radio back to BT audio it autoplays. Goodby spotify.

I am also have this issue. It is randomly starting after I place it on a bluetooth charger as well and randomly starting while at the office. I tried to uninstall and reinstall. I checked settings. I keep headphones plugged in at all times now because it was embarassing me at my new job. It would also resume play on some other, often foreign playlist. Not good.

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