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Default storage location resets after restart, Note 9


Default storage location resets after restart, Note 9






Note 9

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Android Pie


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My default storage location always resets to internal from SD card after every reboot. I can switch it back to SD card but it'll just change back to internal after I reboot my phone. It's gotten to the point that I don't want to download my playlists anymore because a reboot of my phone will move the default back to internal and then I have to select SD card to transfer everything over again.  I've tried uninstalling the app and then deleting the offline devices in my profile but this still persists. Not sure what has happened recently that has caused this and its very disappointing. The ongoing  notification issue was recently fixed and then another issue takes its place for me. This only happens with Spotify. I also have Apple Music and Google Play Music and they both retain the SD storage selection after reboot. It seems like others are having this issue too but no response to this from Spotify yet? 

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It is ridiculous that in 2021 this issue still exist. Hundreds of people are complaining about it and it is clear Spotify does not care about their customers. I have a Note 10 running Android 11. When i have downloaded music to my SD card, after every reboot Spotify switches SD card storage back to internal storage and starts downloading all music again. How difficult would it be for a developer to put the code in debug mode and reproduce this @#€\% bug. You don't deliver us what we pay for and I am now so fed up with this problem that I am going to switch my whole family to YouTube Music.


Honestly you guys from Spotify do not care about your customers. In a ton of threads on several forums people complain about this problem. So don't tell us you are working on it since2018.

So in the end of 2021 your team is still looking at this? It's really ridiculous. 

It's almost 2022 and I am still having this issue. I just got a Galaxy S10 (went from a S8) the S8 has issues way back in 2017 but I fixed it by upgrading to a SD card with higher transfer speed... Well I noticed recently both phones are having the issue. Both phones have high spec SD cards so that rules it out. Very very frustrating. S8 runs Android 9 and the S10 runs Android 11... This is unacceptable, as it transcends different Android versions. Spotify I've been a user for almost 10 years now. Please get on this. It's very frustrating when I'm in a place with spotty coverage and I have offline music on my computer that I need to transfer over each time too... 

Shameful that this has been marked as solved when the issue has never been solved and is negatively impacting millions of customers.

I'm having this same issue nearly 3 years later on a note 20. How is this issue marked solved if it still persists? Is there an actual solution other than "the team is aware"?

Another year, another no solution. 

1.1.23 happened.

Again needed to redownload over 2760+ songs on my list. Spotify goes to internal memory.

Big problem to change location back to external from settings. Tells your SD card might be defective.

Had life time warranty on Kingston 128 Gb card and their customer services suggested to look at this thread.

It was not a failure in the card, but rather on Spotify and happens on random reboots of phone.

Can it be fixed?

Anyone solved this ? Same issue here :((

still the same problem in 2023

Almost 2024 and still no solution. I'm redownloading my 2.7k songs right now as I'm typing this. Marked as solved but there's no solution, wow. You increase the monthly payment but you haven't even fixed the problem.

Unfortunately this solution doesn't work for me (there is no option to use pin or else before restart, seems to me that it does already as default, so... nada)

Plan: Premium

Country: CA

Device: Samsung Galaxy A50

OS: Android 11

Spotify version in settings:


Wouldn't be possible to circumvent the issue with a forced command to "change and choose" storage folder only manually, and/or deny other folders? So that the app wouldn't virtualize its data on the internal memory every time it doesn't find the old path? or at least give a notification and an option: "Spotify hasn't find the xxx Storage, would you like to change the storage path to xxx? before we call 991, CIA, Blackwater, and a ballistic nuclear attack to your location?" because that would be nice when you are outside, in the rain, and the only comfort it's some music, THAT YOU PAID.

This would fix the problem regardless of the phone type or any external changes outside the app (phone updates/reboots, temporary change of SD card or occasional dismounting of the SD card, aka fall drops, etc)

The app should be a smart balance between automated and manual changes, manual for end user customization (settings) that should be unchangeable without direct user control.


Few more things maybe ca be helpful

1 before, several until several months ago I didn't had this issue, so it is a recent issue for me due to new updates of the app

2 no significant changes for the device, same phone with same app

3 all other apps have no issue with the SD card

4 Every possible standard solution has been done

 Clean reinstall (deleting all data and cache through a PC + rebooting of the phone and new installation of Spotify

 Using another SD card

To the most drastic as factory reset of the phone


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