Delete "leftovers" from former installation.


Delete "leftovers" from former installation.

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I experienced a strange error. I don't know what happened but when I opened the app yesterday it would only show me a blank white screen with the menue bar. nothing more or less. I restarted the phone and killed the app. nothing worked.

so I went to the app manager and cleaned the cache and data. I didn't do an uninstall.
when I started the app nthe next time I would have to log in again. no problem, but all data of my downloaded songs seems to be lost. now, if I redownload all the songs, is there still the data of the songs of the former using? if yes, how do i delete it?
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Re: Delete "leftovers" from former installation.

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If you deleted the cache and data, then the Song files would have been deleted from your phone. So you should be able to re sync them without there being data from the previous sync of the songs.


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