Download Single Track from an Album


Download Single Track from an Album

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OnePlus X

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Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow?)


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Previously I was able to like a song to add it to my all songs list, then find the album I saved the song from in my library, which would have only the song I saved in it. I could then download/play just that one song, or find an option to save the full album (which I would often not do as I don't want to save all the songs from it). Now, however, when I find an album that is in my library because I have saved just the one song from, it takes me directly to the full album. I don't want to downlad the entirety of my liked songs playlist (due to storage limitations), or a whole album just to get one song, which (the way I see it) is what I have to do now. Is this a deliberate change in the new update because Spotify wants to screw us over, or is it just me being blind?

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Re: Download Single Track from an Album


I use to be able to download single songs from an album, now the albums won't expand out for me to see all the songs on an album