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Thanks for the info Yeaber, but I'm very aware of that.


Let me repeat the problem.


My handset says that the file have downloaded. They are listed under "Downloaded" playlists, and it shows 60 tracks. When I open this playlist on the handset, the tracks are grey'ed out, meaning that they AREN'T playable. When I attempt to play a track, I get the following message: "The Track is Not Available"


If my handset wasn't synched, they wouldn't show that way.


I have no idea what to do next. I've tried uninstalling spotify, and deleting everything on the handset and downloading again. No change. I've tried

What you're describing is exactly what looks like when you download a playlist with mp3's that are on your computer but not available through spotify, and the phone hasn't synced up with spotify on the same wifi network as the computer.  It will say that the playlists and files are downloaded and will show up in the downloaded section, and will show all of the tracks on the phone, but those specific tracks will be grayed out and will say that they're not available.


If you've already gone into the spotify app while the phone is on the same wifi network as the laptop with those mp3's on it (the way I described above), what happens now when you hit "Sync this device" in the app fropm that laptop (when both the phone and the laptop are on the same wifi network)?  Can you download (and un-download) other playlists to and from the phone using only the spotify app on the laptop?  If not, then that would explain why you're having trouble, that means you're phone isn't synced properly, and doesn't really have anything to do with instaliation issues.  Good luck.


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They haven't downloaded. The option to cancel download confirms that. How many tracks are in this playlist?