Downloaded offline-songs removed/deleted on its own.

Downloaded offline-songs removed/deleted on its own.


Basically as mentioned in title. Not sure what actually triggers the files to go "missing" (I use inverted commas because its not really missing - read below), but it usually happens after the phone restarts (on its own when battery is depleted, or when I restart on my own). 


I've tried the following remedies after reading around and searching other sites: 

1. Reinstalled app. Still happens when phone is restarted. 

2. Wiping cache & data > Restart phone > Log in > Redownloaded > Restart phone > Offline songs gone again

3. Wiping cache & data > Removing folder in SD card (SDCard\Android\data\com.spotify.songs) > Restart phone > Redownloaded > Restart phone > Offline songs gone again

4. Ensured that I do not have more than 3 accounts in sync at my offline devices settings.

5. SD Card has more than enough space -- about 20gb of available space. 


It is only about 5 minutes ago I discovered something new -- after learning that the downloaded offline songs are gone again, I went into the folder in my SD card (SDCard\Android\data\com.spotify.songs) and realised that the songs are still there! Spotify apparently doesn't seem to be able to detect when my phone restarts. 


In another thread I read that a user had recently upgraded his SD card to a bigger capacity before facing this problem. And then it struck me too that I had no problems before upgrading too! Seems like I've only started facing this problem after upgrading. But I've removed the folder and reinstalled to no avail. 


Please help! 



Spotify version:

Spotify account: Premium

Device model: Samsung Note 3 (SM-N9005)

Android version: 5.0

SD Card: SanDisk SL64G (64gb)

Telco. provider: StarHub


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I have this problem as well, on a Galaxy S5.


After I restart my phone, the storage setting is always set back to store downloaded songs on my device storage rather than the SD card, where of course the songs do not exist. When I change the storage back to the SD card, it must delete the existing folder because all songs have to be downloaded again. I feel like maybe the Spotify app starts up before the SD card is fully recognized, and sets the storage setting to the only thing that's available at right that second. For instance, after a restart I can see album pictures on my Spotify widget while other apps on my phone have clearly not loaded; they still have an SD icon in the lower corner and are disabled.


I have reinstalled multiple times, and even bought a new microSD card in case my first had stopped working. Same behavior all the time, and both microSD cards work fine with my computer.



Spotify version:

Spotify account: Premium

Device model: Samsung Galaxy S5

Android version: 6.0.1

SD Card: SanDisk Ultra Plus 64GB

Telco. provider: Verizon


OK, today I installed an updated version of Android (the 6.0.1 in the previous message), so I tried one more time to delete everything and reinstall Spotify (now version Now the setting to store downloads on my SD card persists, so I don't have to change that setting every time I restart the phone. However, the previously downloaded data is still not recognized; every time I restart the phone, it downloads all the playlists that I previously had downloaded AGAIN. It's an improvement, but still not good.


I am also facing the same kind of issue. Spotify is waste for money. Always offline content removed automatically. Every morning it's downloading 1800 songs list. And eating my internet plan, time, and mobile battery. Very bad experiences. 


Hey folks, 


Thanks for reaching out - we’re here to help!

We suggest you follow the steps in this guide as it helped the users in another thread


Hope this helps. Let us know how it goes. 

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