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Downloaded songs for offline are gone.

Downloaded songs for offline are gone.

Hi, I just wanted to solve my problem. I have downloaded songs for offline more like 5 to 7 playlists and around 500+ songs. I downloaded it since Dec. 22 and yesterday it was still saved but now Dec. 23 when I'm listening to my downloaded songs, my songs are all gone when the app suddenly exit and when I opened it, it was back to logging in and when I logged in my account, all of my downloaded songs are all gone. What happened? Please solved this issue. I'm tired of downloading that tracks. Please reply asap. Thank you

And oh one more thing. I'm on premium!
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Hello? Everbody down here to reply my post? Please respect my post whole heartedly. Thank you

Anybody there to willingly to answer my post? I am very decomposed right now, please reply fast because christmas is fastly approaching. Thank you

No, nobody answers your posts anymore.


I have had a bug for weeks that looks so glaringly obvious to me I cannot believe it hasn't affected everyone else and yet post after post I make to bump it and it just floats back down again with nobody else saying they are experiencing the same.


I haven't had your issue though. My biggest issue happens when I put in a faulty mp3 in for a song that isn't on Spotify then can't get rid of it when I finally put in the non-faulty one or in one case when the song came back onto Spotify and I wanted to play the Spotify version.


There is no way to refresh the download of one song.



Simple fact : no one from Spotify ( the company you pay your money to) comes in this forum to help and assist.


So you are relying on another user to have had your problem and be able to share a solution.


I have the same problem often : downloaded music disappears and I have to waste my time re-downloading it.


Is anyone at Spotify aware of this problem? Is anyone at Spotify working to fix it? All this and less is known.


Vote with your money against the non-existant customer support from Spotify. Move to another streaming provider.

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