Downloading music everyday, sometimes 70 or more songs!


Downloading music everyday, sometimes 70 or more songs!

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Dear Spotify, why is it that every time, I start the Spotify app on my phone, it has to download almost all of my songs again?

It is driving me mad, this is stupid. It has to download almost 80 songs sometimes, other times maybe 18, but always more than 10. this can't be normal. How do I fix this, I tried everything.

Thanks in advance,

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Are you able to try a different SD card... this is normally the culprit with this type of issue and is usually due to corrupt blocks.

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Okay, thanks for the tip I'm going to try that.
Hopefully it will solve the problem.

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(Posted 2015-10-08)

Well I tried it and unfortunately it doesn't work. I still have to download a load of tracks every day. I don't get it, is there nothing else I can do?


(update 2015-12-06)

So, the problem STILL persists, it has been 2 months now and still I haven't seen a solution to this problem.

I am beginning to get mad about this, no support in 2 months. I am thinking of just quitting my subscription, it doesn't make sense to me to pay 10 euros for services I can't use properly. In my case it has nothing to do with memory blocks or the sd card, I am beginning to suspect that is just the app that is the problem, but still nothing is done to resolve or even try to fix it. I am very disappointed, Spotify used to be great. Thanks to this, I am beginning to dislike Spotify.

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So, No one is going to help me? I still have the problem.

Every day I have to download 20 or more songs now, I am completely done now.

It is not my phone, it is not my SD card, it is just the app that is poorly designed and is absolutely rubbish.


I am canceling my subscription and I'm going to another service like Deezer.

At this moment, everything is better than Spotify. Spotify has the worst support and service I have ever experienced, it is absolutely ridiculous.