My Galaxy S5 crashed while playing Spotify. When I rebooted my tracks were no longer available offline, and it is now downloading all 306 of them again. Should that be the case? Can I expect this to happen again?
On another note, will there be any issues with the service, and my offline lists, when abroad in Europe and Canada?
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really strange problem. i think this is a problem which won't happen again. If so, please reinstall your spotify application 😉 


And to your second question, i think you have premium cause you wouldn't download your tracks :D. Because of this you can use your spotify in any other country, but you need to purchase your premium in your primary country. When you will move there for a long period you need to change your country.


i hope this answers your questions, if not please reply so i will explain furthermore 😉

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just to add that you need to connect 'online' at least once every 30 days when abroa els the app will lock down.!/article/Travel-with-Spotify



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