EQ Bug and Popping Bug on Android


EQ Bug and Popping Bug on Android

Been using spotify on android for 2 months now, and there has been two bugs that have been really annoying.

Sometimes when other sounds interrupt the music, the EQ randomly turns off. I have the rock preset eq as well as max bass boost because im a bass head, so the difference is really noticible when suddenly the bass levels drop a ton. Using a Galaxy S4.

Another bug is that a lot of the times when I click to play a song, it plays starts song at a really loud volume for .2 seconds or so before returning to my normal volume. Since I use headphones, this hurts my ears. Usually happens if I try to replay a song.
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Re: EQ Bug and Popping Bug on Android

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The volume is affected by the equaliser - goes up when it is off and drops when it is on. Equaliser switching off is a known issue and hopefully we'll see a fix sometime.