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EQ turns off randomly


EQ turns off randomly

EDIT: I have changed device since andno problems on S6, also seems one of the updates back in the day fixed it for me


Hi There


I've been having problems with Spotify on my Galaxy S4, EQ randomly turns off and quality goes really bad as i always tweak EQ to have best sound for style of music i currently listen to, I have a hunch that it might have something to do with notifications as it usually happens when i get few of those. I've searched through this forum but didn't find any definite answer to this and troubleshooting didn't help either, any clue if this issue is being addressed ?




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I figured out what is causing the problem and this is when using the music fx equalizer  any song you are playing from a playlist that is stored for offline use and you own that song this will cause the equalizer not to work. Once another song you do not own is played the equalizer  works again. The only way to get a song you own to work with the equalizer  is to go to the custom settings of the equalizer when the song you own is playing and click ok and the equalizer will work until spotify hits another song you own. This problem caused me to delete some songs I own off the phone and then delete the playlist and download it again so the playlist does not use a song I own and then the equalizer  will not turn off.



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I think I got it solved. Well for those rooted devices at least.

During the past months I tried all possible EQs, AwesomeBeats, MonsterBassBeats, DSP Manager etc.

But shortly after my last post above I removed all previous installed DSP Managers, EQs etc.

Then I installed Viper4Android from the Google Play Store.

As there are a couple of V4A to download and all are in Chinese, use Google Chrome to help to translate it so you find the right one.

V4A has tons of features and you need some time to find out the best setting for you. But for me not only I have better sound than ever before, but it's rock stable playing. No random turn off of the EQ or anything similar.

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For me it was music I downloaded locally to my device that also happened to be in my local files on my PC. I just removed them so it downloads the tracks from Spotify's servers and now seems to be fine.Captgfdgdfure.PNG

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Hello everybody. Slide the crossfade settings to OFF. My equalizer no longer stops regardless if you are playing online or offline content.


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Same here... Swedish Galaxy S4.
My conclusions also goes to the fact that it is related to notifications in some way.

I'm having this problem on a Norwegian sg4,any updates on this from Spotify?

Hey there.

Why you need to ruin your music?

Listen music without EQ - it's how artist mentioned music to listen 😎

An EQ doesn't ruin music, more like enhancing the music imo.


But I have this problem as well and it is very annoying, sounds like the quality drops.

@hpguru: Troll much...


They have EQs in the studios as well! just much bigger and more advanced, different genres of music can't be listened to on the same settings, my friends tell me I'm an audiophile so I need my music to sound as good as it can

Same problem with EQ, and the music also stops suddenly even with downloaded playlists and spotify in offline mode. Very annoying, expecially when I'm in the middle of a work out... Norwegian S4

I logged in here specifically to see if there were others with this issue.


I have this problem with both my S3 and S4 - After a random amount of time streaming, anywhere from 3-10 minutes, the EQ seems to "Kick in" and the music gets really loud. 


I don't see it being tied to notifications on my phones. 


Once the volume jumps up, it seems to stay that way until I unplug my headphones.




I noticed that my Facebook notifications as wel as email notifications cause this issue. Pretty much resolved by logging out of these while listening. Works well for me, but I mostly listen in my car where I shouldn't be reading Facebook or emails anyway.

I too sometimes experience the disabled equalier but haven't figured out a pattern.  To re-enable it I tap the back key to get out of Spotify until I get to the device's home screen. I then re-open Spotify and re-enable the equalizer. I usually can't re-enable it without doing those steps.


I'm using Android 2.3.5 with Spotify version  The equalier I'm using is called "Equalizer" and is made by


@ hpguru - people want to use equalizers for the same reasons they want to use better sounding headsets.  You can buy a $10 pair of headphones at Walmart, or for better sound quality you can buy a much better pair of Bose or Sennheiser heaphones that cost significantly more.  We want the music we're enjoying to sound better to our ears and our brains.  Equalizers help make this happen, and they certainly make the music in my Galaxy Player sound richer.

Agreed. And every device is going to sound different. It is not possible to mix a track in a way that it will sound good on every device. 

I think I might have found a solution, at least for the Galaxy S4:


Under the settings/mydevice/sound area I went into the adapt sound setting and turned it OFF for music sounds.  Now, I can have my equalizer on and the sound level is consistent from start to finish!


Not everyone sets this up, so that could explain why not everyone is having the issue on the S4.


Hope this helps.

Thanks for posting your possible solution.  I don't have that option in my device's sound setting (running 2.3.5... ugh).  Hopefully it will continue working for you. I suspect my issue is due to switching between Spotify and a white noise app at night, or possibly notifications. I'm not usually running anything else during the day.


Update: I think I finally found the solution to my problem with the equalizer shutting off.  Within the settings of the app I use (conveninently called "Equalizer") there is an option for "Automatic on/off".  I had this turned ON thinking that it would be on whenever a song is played. Apparently this feature doesn't work with Spotify, and the feature's description does say it only works with some music players.  So I turned that setting OFF and, voila, the equalizer has remained on and enabled since I made the change.


So you might want to check your equalizer's settings to see if there is something in there causing your version to shut off.

I had this problem with the built in equalizer in Spotify, but then I started using DSP Manager in the custom rom I'm using. No problems since.

I have Galaxy S4 USA 😉  I'm having the same issue with the EQ simply turning off... no notificationsm, no events at all that I can see.  I have to go into Settings | Audio Effects for it to come back on which is annoying when working out.   Without the EQ it sounds very flat.


I read the suggestions of using another EQ app, a couple worked OK, DSP Manager didn't work at all... they all did not sound as good as the Spotify EQ.  So rather than a workaround a fix would be great 🙂  I ended up uninstall all the alternatives with the hope a fix will come.



Hi all


I've noticed that it is MusicFX crashing that causes EQ to stop, this seems to be the process that is responsible for EQ working, some of you mentioned trying other EQ apps, any of you had any luck finding a good alternative? Possibly anything off Android store?


Also as far as I can tell spotifuggle is not bothered much about their mobile app, don't expect the fix any time soon.



This is going to sound silly, but... Since I disabled T-Mobile Visual Voicemail, the Spotify Audio Effects (MusicFX.apk) has been functioning properly.

Update- it worked for about 2 days. Still getting random eq shut offs. Good way to go deaf.

Is this still happening with spotify 0.6.6?

Yep, It's still happening to me

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