Equalizer get deactivated automatically


Re: Equalizer/sound effect turned off

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@Ehernandez102w wrote:
You know nothing about true sound. Those artist's want you to hear each note. They want you to hear those crispy highs and them deep lows. Your comment is ignorant. You are ignorant. Yes, equalizers are necessary.

Hey @Ehernandez102w if you want to insult and attack people, go to Twitter. This is not the place for such behaviour.

Re: Equalizer get deactivated automatically

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Realized I have this problem after I started syncing my offline playlists. I thought it was just on my end. A fix would be much appreciated, thank you very much.


@hpguru wrote:

Why you need equaliser?


Listen music how artist mentioned without any junky effects. If you need more bass, buy better headphones. But listen music without equalisators.

Because I like customising the sound to my liking. Plus I don't really think artists care about how people listen to their music. Important thing is that I paid for them. Before you ask, I did have bassy headphones like the Beats Studio Pro and Bluedio T3+ to name a few, but I still think the ability to customise the sound to your liking is just as important as having good headphones.


@Joe wrote:

This sounds similar to the problems reported in this thread. Could you please post the following information:


  • Your device
  • Device’s Operating System
  • Is your device rooted?
  • Are you using a custom ROM, if so which one, exactly?
  • Your mobile Spotify version
  • Your mobile provider and country



1. Xiaomi M15

2. Android 6.0

3. No

4. No

5. Version

6. Dual sim : 3 / XL / Indonesia


Thank you in advance.