Favourites Playlist dissapeared after becoming Premium member


Favourites Playlist dissapeared after becoming Premium member


I used to listen all day my favorites  playlist on free mode, all songs that I selected with the heart were in that Playlist. Unfortunately after going premium that Playlist dissapeared and it is not good because that's where I have all music that I actually listened to. I want that Playlist back specially because I searched for information about other cases like this, I found another topic talking about the same,  but in Vietnam,  I'm in Portugal and well months later, those in Vietnam haven't  received and answer from spotify or any other. I want to solve this because I rather spend mobile data and have that Playlist than paying premium like that






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Re: Favourites Playlist dissapeared after becoming Premium member


Hi!!! Thanks for reaching out to the Spotify Community.

Sometimes this issue can come up when you create a second account and you logged in under your second one that doesn't have premium. Is that what could've happened?

The second link is a link that takes you to a place that helps you find other accounts. 

Have you tried reinstalling the app? 

If you reinstalled it and everything works the way it should again, then great dude!

If not, then check out the link I have above.

Hope it works and you figure it out!


The link for other accounts: https://support.spotify.com/article/do-i-have-an-additional-account/