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Files aren't available offline - Galaxy s4

Files aren't available offline - Galaxy s4



I have a Samsung Galaxy s4. Since all Android users were required to download the new Spotify app, none of my playlists are available offline. I am a premium user.


So far, I've tried clearing the cache, power cycling the device, deleting the spotify folder on both the device and SD card and reinstalling the app. I've tried this a number of times and it hasn't solved the problem. I've also tried changing the quality of the music (both higher and lower) - still doesn't work.


The songs appear to download, however, when I go to play them, there's no sound. They show as playing, however no sound comes out of the device or my headphones, and when I move the bar to a different point in the song, the progress indicator resets to the beginning of the song.


The songs work fine when I stream them, however as soon as I make them 'available offline' they stop working. I have more than 3 gig of free space on my device, more than 3 gig of free space on my SD card, and I'm only trying to sync a playlist that has <200 songs.


Please help - I require offline songs as I travel regularly on planes. I'm at my wits end and will quit spotify if I can't find a solution.

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Is Spotify saving content to your internal storage or SD card?

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