Finding Downloaded songs


Finding Downloaded songs

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One of my favorite playlists I had been listening to was the top 100 rock songs (liked about 90% of the songs).  I downloaded the playlist so I could listen offline (travel).  When I got back I turned everything back on, and to my surprise the playlist was almost completely different.  Mostly with songs I don't know, or what I don't even consider rock (paramore? really?), now only liked about 10% of the songs. Was pretty mad about it, so I am wondering since I downloaded those songs to listen offline, can I still find them somewhere, or is it since the playlist changed, there's no way to get them (I don't remember all 100 obviously).

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Re: Finding Downloaded songs

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Unfortunately, if your playlist has changed, then so has your dowloaded/offline songs. If you deleted a playlist altogether accidentally, you can recover it through the recover playlists feature to re-add those songs that you lost.

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