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Finding existing music on my phone?


Finding existing music on my phone?

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I'm new to Spotify (taking advantage of a trial of Premium) and I'm wondering if there's a way to tell the Android app of the existence of existing music on my phone. 


I can tell there's the ability to download existing music I playlist'd on my computer, but that'd be doubling up on existing music files.

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Re: Finding existing music on my phone?

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If you're talking about local files, you need to follow the steps here.

Re: Finding existing music on my phone?

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That’s a Premium featurez Since you are on the 7-day trial you get the access to it.

Please refer to this FAQ for more.


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Re: Finding existing music on my phone?

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It might be an issue of terminology, but what you link to seems to be based on the importing of local files from one location to another. This isn't what I was asking about. 


My issue is that, say, Song1.mp3 through Song1655.mp3 are already on my phone, I just want to make Spotify-On-My-Phone aware of their existence.