Ford and Spotify - you destroyed the experience.


Ford and Spotify - you destroyed the experience.


Sync is worthless, I pay for spotify for the sole reason of listening to it in my car.  You broke it, you took Ford's money and locked my phone.  I would pay money to see someone from spotify sit in my car and seamlessly do anything.  


I have to reiterate, Ford Sync is terrible, its terribleness is well documented..and you have disabled the program I am PAYING for, to let Ford have control...


Dear lord, who lets Ford take control...?


Turn it off or cancel, dead serious.  I filled out forms, I hit you on twitter.  I am paying you and you have changed what I am paying for and given control to FORD OF ALL PLACES!  I am not paying anymore for Ford.  I pay enough for Ford every day of my life.  

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Re: Ford and Spotify - you destroyed the experience.

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Follow these steps to fix it until these morons at Spotify get their **bleep** together...

@Andrewpalazzolo wrote:

Uninstall from your phone. Disable the auto update then download an old one from this link. Worked for me. I chose a version somewhere in the middle.

The update blows and so does the spotify response to all the complaints