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Galaxy SIII does not show up under devices

Galaxy SIII does not show up under devices



Had Spotify for a few years now, and this is my first real problem!


Today, spotify refuses to show up under devices.

This goes on WiFi alone, and with WiFi and USB cable connected at the same time.


Tried deleting the app, reinstalling, rebooting phone and PC, logging in and out, deleting all settings on phone...

Nothing changes it.


I can sync lists over WiFi, but all Local Files won't sync untill it connects with PC xD


This is the first time it's happend, so atm it beats me what it could be.


Spotify on the computer however, does pause when I launch a song on the Android app, so it sure is online!


Give me some good news, guys 🙂

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Lucky for you it has only happened once.  Happens to me about once per month.  Sometimes switching wireless connections will make it work.  Disconnect from your wireless network and connect to another network.  (I find that I can connect to one of my neighbors unsecured networks).  Then disconnect and re-connect to your network.  A few times this has worked for me.

Thanks for a reply, mate!


I tried this myself yesterday, and it worked.. So it's a semi-fix atleast 😛

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