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Galaxy Tab Wifi 10" Shows Spotify Offine

Galaxy Tab Wifi 10" Shows Spotify Offine

I have Spotify running on a number of devices.  My latest purchase was the wifi 10" Galaxy Tab.  I bought just prior to traveling overseas.  I assumed the Spotify error showing me offine even though I had good wifi signal had something to do with Spotify and international copyrights.  Now that I am back in the states, I see my device is still causing problems.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled, no change. Anyone have any ideas?

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same issue here, i have spotify on two desktops and on a smartphone. after login on my tab it goes offline. thought it's because of too many devices and logged off on my phone and one of the desktops, but didn't help.

looks like a spotify problem on galaxy tabs... 😞

Hello there,

We currently don't support the Galaxy Tab 10.1", or any Honeycomb devices at present- While we could offer some possible solutions related to Android devices, we cannot guarantee that Spotify will work on your device.

The first suggestion I would recommend would be a clean installation.

Failing that, it might be worth checking your SD card for errors, as this might causing problems with Spotify.
Instructions for this can be found at

Otherwise, if there is an error with Spotify reading the content on your SD-card, please try the following:
1. Format your SD-card.
2. Unmount and remove the SD-card from your device.
3. Open Spotify in your device
4. Go to More » Settings and select "Clear saved data"
5. Close Spotify and uninstall it from your device: Go to Settings » Application » Manage applications. Choose Spotify and press Uninstall
6. Put back your card in your device.
7. Install Spotify from

Airhorn Enthusiast

Your problems probably have everything to do with the fact that updates for Spotify's Android client are long overdue. Check the following two topics for more info:

Topic 1

Topic 2



Devices running Honeycomb were first released in February 2011, so it's extremely disappointing that more than one year later it's still not supported by Spotify.

Thanks David,

Since the SD Card is internal to the Galaxy, I guess I will uninstall Spotify and drop my subscription until you guys support this product.  I really like Spotify, but it doesn't make sense to have a subscription if my mobile device is not supported.  


Thanks for your response.

I agree Steve

I have had the same problem with Galaxy 10.1.  I have done the recommended check and it assures me that the software is compatible.  I have done the same fixes--reinstall, log out, log in, turn off all other devices with Spotify on them, etc. To make it even more tedious, I have re-synced every single track. Galaxy 10.1 will stay online only the first time after re-installation.  You are correct that much of the music plays, even tracks you haven't cached for offline play.  However,the  search function doesn't work along with several others--you get a "doesn't work in offline mode" error message. Also, functionality is unpredictible.  Sometimes, when it shows offline mode the content really doesn't play even though you have the same wifi signal, and the same strength as the times when it does work.  However, what aggravates me the most is that Spotify has no technical support AT ALL  It is like the blue screen of death when your hard drive crashes; you can scream but nobody hears your pain. The Galaxy 10.1 is not that new so I don't see an excuse for this bug to have lasted so long.  I subscribe to the premium service and I expect more for $120 per year. 

David, I just found your instructions and I really appreciate them but what a way to kill a day with no guarantee that it will work. I think maybe I would rather pull on a cuticle until it bleeds.  On the other hand, I did live in the time of Star Trek so what Spotify can do is still pretty amazing when viewed in historical context.   I wonder why I have still have such a desire for new technology when it takes so long for the software to catch up with the hardware.


i just can recommend you the new beta app. it was published on the spotify blog last week.

after a complete reinstallation with the beta apk everything works fine on my galaxy tab 10.1 N.


i hope the new app is ready soon, cause it looks great!

lastminutemary - As Schnubb suggests, please give the new preview app a go. It supports Honeycomb, so it should work far more nicely:

Check out how we're doing over @SpotifyStatus

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Who's your Spotify Star?

Still the same problems, with the new preview. Pops in and out of offline mode. A fresh install allows sync of playlists but only the first time. After you exit the app, and start it again, its back to offline-online-offline loop. *sigh* Samsung Galaxy S2 and Tab 10.1 vs spotify = Changing to Wimp or similar soon....

As everyone else in here, I had the connection trouble (on and off and on and... off... and... on and...) on my Galaxy Tab but my Galaxy S2 was alright. I donwloaded the beta app on my Galaxy Tab, but nothing is fixed.


From what I read, I get the impression that this is a random bug :

- some people are OK on their Galaxy S2, some are't.

- everybody seems in trouble with the regular app on their Galaxy Tab.

- some people get it ok with the beta app.


Please, give us some news, hopefully good. 

Something's wrong there.

I am having the exact same issue with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0.  It has been driving me nuts all day trying to find a solution.  I want Spotify on this tablet....real bad!!!

I too have exactly the same problem and have just reached the point where I am going to cancel my subscription.  while reading about this on a few forums, I noticed what I think MIGHT be the problem:


Wifi only Android tablets (like my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wifi only) don't have an IMEI number, and for some reason Spotify looks for an IMEI number when working out if you can be "online" or not.  This would explain A LOT as well as why some users are saying "it works fine on my Tablet" - I presume that those people have the Wifi + 3G version of the tablets in question.


I presume that Spotfy support know about this issue but will flag it up to them now - if there's no solution in the works or if I get told AGAIN to reset my password / try a clean install / reformat my SD card (the tab doesnt have one!) / factory reset my device then I will be cancelling my premium sub (after 2 years!)


BTW - I have tried each of the "usual" recommended "fixes" several times - doing a clean install and/or resetting the password seemed to give very temporary relief (first time using it after trying the solution, Spotify worked normally, then broke as soon as the app restarted).

@jimbo12345 wrote:

I too have exactly the same problem and have just reached the point where I am going to cancel my subscription.  while reading about this on a few forums, I noticed what I think MIGHT be the problem:


Wifi only Android tablets (like my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wifi only) don't have an IMEI number, and for some reason Spotify looks for an IMEI number when working out if you can be "online" or not. 

Hi there,


This issue was resolved in the patch the week before last. Make sure you have updated to the latest version from the Play store.

Other than that - I know you say you have tried all the 'usual' fixes but not which ones - have you tried following all of the steps in PerBonomi's sticky thread at the top of this forum? See here:

Listening on Windows, Android and Sonos. Tweeting it at @davelicence

Thanks licenced!  Yes in fact, last night after writing my "rant" I tried updating the app on my tablet (I had sideloaded it so didnt get notifications of updates) and it resolved everything!




Everything is good again!


Spotify rocks.

Listening on Windows, Android and Sonos. Tweeting it at @davelicence

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