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Galaxy Watch won't download all the songs in my playlist

Galaxy Watch won't download all the songs in my playlist





Samsung Galaxy Watch


My Question or Issue

When I attempt to download a playlist to my galaxy watch, it cannot download all the songs in my playlist. About half get downloaded, the other half fails with a cloud and a cross icon. Spotify informs me however that the whole playlist is downloaded. Any ideas?

14 Replies

I get the same thing, here's a screenshot of one of the songs.


I have exactly the same problem too. Tried deleting the local data on the watch and redownloading, tried turning it off and on again,  tried reinstalling spotify on the watch, tried downloading over wifi and mobile internet.


Really annoying when I want to just take my watch out to the gym and it only has about half the songs in the playlist I've downloaded.

I am in the US and having the same issue. They download fine on my phone but not on my watch. Part of the reason I got the watch is so I don't have to carry my phone. 

same problem, i just got my watch active recently and I'm a bit disappointed. almost every second or third song on a playlist is not downloaded. some have a crossed cloud icon like on yours, some have a grayed download icon. No alarms or anything. If everything was just right. hope they patch this real fast or at least give an explanation. tried deleting all downloaded songs and it didn't help. I thought maybe the storage was full but no. I have no idea ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If you guys are still having issues, I've been trying out the Tidal app which seems to work fine as long as you have space to download songs (there's no notification if you don't).
They're also doing a three month free trial for people with Samsung wearables, so gives you plenty of time to decide whether you're wanting to leave Spotify or for them to address the issues.

I have the same problem in galaxy active 2, does anyone have any solution???

I'm also having the same problem with my Galaxy active 2 - it seems that this is a long standing issue. I'm hoping someone has a solution.

Any update on this issue Spotify? This is really annoyingly. Offline music is the reason I purchased the Galaxy Watch so I expected this basic function to work. Some feedback would be great!!


Same issue. Come on Spotify, this is basic.

I'm having this problem too (and several others) on my Galaxy Active 2. I've gone so far as to factory reset my watch a couple times and try again - and the same songs seem to fail to sync each time. I have let it try to work over bluetooth through my phone (without configuring wifi at all) as well as with bluetooth disabled and configured to use my wifi. It just doesn't work.


I bought this watch for two reasons: to track my fitness data, and to play music when I'm exercising. Between this issue and a few others, the Spotify app seems to be, well, garbage.

I did know this service, I´m just tired of all the bugs of spotify on every platform, I mean, c´mon, the developers just do that! they just have to maintain one app!, bye spotify, thanks for the tip man, already pay the family plan on Tidal and see is cheaper and without the ridiculous restrictions of the one on spotify...

Same problem... Only solution (for me), delete the song from the playlist (on the phone), refresh on the watch, add the song again(phone), refresh and download on the watch again... F&*@ed up, but works... 

This was happening consistently with my Discover Weekly playlist, so I just copied to a differently named playlist and it works fine.  Not sure if you are trying to download algorithmically-generated playlists, but I wonder if that's the issue?

I´ve just resolved my Issue, I quit spotify and sign up on Tidal, their app
works perfectly on the Galaxy watch, no issues, I was really tired of
reinstalling spotify on my watch and listen just the song the app allows
me. Tidal´s family plan is cheaper than spotify duo, and you get video
clips too, I transfer all my playlist with the service they link and all my
content gets transferred

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