Garbled Podcast Sound

Garbled Podcast Sound





United States


LG Stylo 4

Operating System

Don't rememebr 


My Question or Issue

I am so annoyed with this at this point.

  • I listen to the R/Slash podcast ALL THE TIME. Lately, however, when I attempt to listen to it the sound is choppy and not playing right. When I play songs the sound is fine, when I play other podcasts they sound like R/Slash does. I've tried 3 other podcasts with the same results. It doesn't happen at a specific time of day, I've cleared cache, restarted the app, deleted and redownloaded the app, restarted my phone, nothing is working! This is happening more and more often now. I just wanna listen to r/entitledparents 🙃
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Mine is doing the same thing unless i hook it up to a Bluetooth. I have the same LG Phone


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