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Grayed out songs i didn't download on my library

Grayed out songs i didn't download on my library






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 So, I have this problem where, specifically when I play my library's music on random, a LOT of songs I did not save (and did not even know about) are shown to me, and grayed out to boot. It seems they are all from specific "ghost" albuns, since I get many songs from the same album, but once I search either for the album or song, they don't show up on the search. Notice these songs don't appear on my library list itself, so I can't remove them normally - they are only shown here:Screenshot_2019-01-13-15-38-32.png

 I tried to upgrade the app, un-dowloand all my saved songs and download them again, clean the saved data on the app..... nothing works, and it's getting REALLY annoying. So any help is welcomed.

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Hey @Reylla, welcome to the Community

Hope you're doing great!

Could you go to Settings of Spotify, in the Playback section and toggle the switch for Hide unplayable songs?

I'd also recommend using the Sign Out Everywhere and Remove Offline devices from your Spotify account page.


Let me know how it goes 🙂

Hey! Thank you for reaching out! Sadly, that didn't work. In fact, I had the "show unplayable songs" turned off all along, which makes everything more annoying. I also tried loging off everything as you suggested, but to no avail. Then, I tried updating the app in my computer, since I was already out of options - unsurprisingly, also didn't work. I think my next step will be to just delete all the songs from my library (since simply turning off the "download" option had no effect). Sigh. Thanks again thought!!! 

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