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HELP! Spotify crashes on Galaxy S4 Lollipop

HELP! Spotify crashes on Galaxy S4 Lollipop


I have Spotify version on my S4 with Lillipop 5.0.1.
When I start the app its just black and the messege "Spotify has stopped" appears.


Tryed to re-install Spotify and delete the files from the Android-folder but it won't delete! 


Whats wrong? I'm addicted to Spotify and have great abstinens now!

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I've been having problems when it transitions to a different window. Like when I click to play a song or I'm listening to a song and looking around on the app. It just crashes and it is constant, every day. Tried restarting phone and everything. It just keeps bugging out. I guess from your post I can save the trouble of redonwnloading it. Hope they hot fix this.

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