HELP - deleted songs!!!


HELP - deleted songs!!!


Hi guys. Hope someone can help.


So I was setting up a play queue and was removing songs from the queue that I didn't want in there. HOWEVER I was actually removing them from my phone ("Remove from Music") rather than the queue. Only discovered this after I had removed 20-25 songs. I have looked on Playlist Recovery but they were saved individually, not on a playlist, so they aren't showing up there. There is no way that I can go through my songs and find the missing ones, as I'm a Premium member and I have 1,200+ songs on my phone.


Is there anyway I can find the deleted songs? Like I said, they're not on a playlist so Playlist Recovery will not work, and there is no way I can sift through over a thousand songs and remember which ones are missing. Really would appreciate any help whatsoever.


Thank you. 

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Unfortunately there's nothing YOU can do, however support may be able to recover some of your data. I recommend you contact Spotify Support using the form here.

You will get an automated reply at first, however if you need to chase them just reply to the email as it does get monitored.

Please use the search feature before posting a problem/bug/idea.
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