Heart Liked Button is Broken (in notification & in Android App)


Heart Liked Button is Broken (in notification & in Android App)

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(HTC U11)

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(Android 9)


My Question or Issue


The Liked Icon for the Notification as well as the in App is broken for Music "playing that playing in Queue and is not part of a playlist" .


1. In Notification, pressing heart button does not add it to my Liked playlist.


2. In the android app, Pressing the heart button will show "Added to Liked Songs" dialog without the heart getting highlighted. Even if I press is a second time, it just shows "Added to Liked Songs" dialog without the heart getting highlighted so liked songs cant even be removed from liked status. 



BOTH the above issues are able to be replicated IF you are playing songs that are you QUEUED to play and are NOT just playing a playlist (regardless of what playlist).


If you play songs from playlist, the heart button in notification and in the app works as expected. 


It's the songs that are QUEUED and NOT playing a playlist, is how you replicate the issue. 


So it could be a song you liked before, as long as you queued just the songs(s) to play or set it as autoplay instead of playing the actual playlist, that it should replicate the same problem.




Solutions tried :

Just in case there is no confusion of what I did to TRY to fix the issue, I'll list the Steps, in Order, to resolve the solution. 


** Tried Clean Re-install Solution **

1. I have no SD card so I have not folder to delete in Android File system.

2. I cleared the cache in the Spotify App.

3. I went to Setting in the Android Setting as well to [Clear Cache] as well as [Storage]

4. Then I uninstalled the Spotify App in the Android Setting

5. Turn off my phone and left it off for 3 mins

6. Then Turn on my phone 

7. After it completely finished turning on, I went to Google PlayStore to get the LATEST Version

8. Downloaded and Installed the latest version

9. I turned the phone off again and left it off for 3 mins. 

10. Then turn on my phone again. 

11. Before Opening the App, I went to Android Setting and permitted all Permission

12. In Android Setting, I also DISABLED the Battery Optimization for the Spotify App

13. Then I opened the Spotify

14. Logged in 

15. Was able to replicate the same issue 


** So basically, I did the [CLEAN  UNINSTALL] & [CLEAN INSTALL] of the [Latest VERSION] of the Spotify as recommended by the moderator in the forums.






** excuse the ALL Caps Wording **

I just bolded the text and CAP, to make so I can clearly explain what the situation. 

(not shouting, lol....) 


I included Photos of what happens when I tap heart button of a song a that is playing because i queued it and not by playing its playlist. 








*** UPDATE ***

It seems to happen every so often. Kinda weird. I hope the team can look into this. 




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Hey @Blah44,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the community and pointing out this issue.


We've tried to replicate this on our end and got the same result. Heart button will not indicate (become green) if you like a song from the queue. However the marked songs do end up in Liked songs


Can you let us know if you can see the songs, that you've marked as liked in Liked songs or are they never added to the playlist for you?



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They are added to the [Liked] Playlist but since the heart button doesn't even show green, you are unable to see if they are liked. 


And after you liked the song (despite not showing green), you are unable to unlike the song from the notification or the Song playing in Queue. 


Whats weird is that if you do go into the liked playlist and play it from there. The heart button issue works just fine, regardless if you want to like it or unlike it and it shows green when liked and not show it when unliked.


I hope this helps.

Casual Listener

So the heart issue seems to stem from songs that queued. 


I have read previous posts from other users and my guess is that they probably mistaken their issue was resolved because they probably started playing songs from playlist instead from queued songs after their clean install. 


So the scenario was different because of their issue was occurred when they were playing queued songs. Then after following the instruction of clean install, they were most likely playing songs from their playlist thus mistaken the issue was resolved. 


That is my guess.