Home, Radio and non-playlist songs unavailable.

Home, Radio and non-playlist songs unavailable.

Android version 7.0

Phone model: Samsung S7 

Spotify app version: armV7

Things tried already: clear data and cache. Log out, log back in non-facebook account (using the ten digit spotify name) changed password, logged back in via facebook. Reset phone, tried turning offline mode on and off again. Uninstalled Spotify and reinstalled.


Phone app first tells me that "something went wrong" when on home, when trying radio says that radio isn't available, when I try a new song (not on playlist) states that phone is offline, and to connect to internet. 

Playlists are working fine but can't seem to play anything else. 

Phone is otherwise connected to internet. No issues on desktop version.

I have a premium family account if that makes any difference.


Any ideas?

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