Honor 8: Spotify crash issue (video included)


Honor 8: Spotify crash issue (video included)

Casual Listener

Hi! After trying several suggestions from the internet, I got to the point where only this might help..

The issue: 
Spotify keeps randomly crashing on me or "boobing" out and it turns into a white screen or crashes on the whole (regular usage). I sometimes listen to music, want to switch the song and on press, the application crashes on me. Sometimes when I restart the app it goes into a "numb" mode where nothing happenes and then it crashes.. no error screen.

Honor 8 spotify crashing randomly (bout 1 minute long)

In the video I start the app and one of the previous mentioned things happens, it goes into this "Numb" mode where it doesnt load and than after a while crashes..
At 00:25 after pressing some buttons here and there.. the app crashes abd music stops but in the background its a white screen.

The app seems to work again but at 00:49, when I selected a Spotify playlist, the app crashes again.


This happenes sometimes often and sometimes less but it does. Sometimes I need to do it over and over again until I get to a playlist or song and sometimes.. well it just works.

What have I tried?
* followed the Guide to solve most android isssues

* Trying older version between the latest and
* Reinstalling the application
* turned on "app protection" for battery
* made sure the setting is set so it doesn't turn off in the background
*cleared cache
* rebooted my phone
* granted access to storage (both local and micro SD)

* ran app without micro SD
* and reformated the whole phone to factory and installed it asap. 

The issue remains.. But on my older Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo it worked just fine.. so it must be the Honor 8.. but I don't see a error message and cant find a "log".. 


I welcome all suggestions that aren't named above and any help. Thanks!

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Re: Honor 8: Spotify crash issue (video included)

Casual Listener

The problems continues to be a huge issue for my personal experience. In this video I tried to open "your libary" which resultet in a crash of the app every time.. no solution found so far.