How to store offline music on the external SD card


How to store offline music on the external SD card

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The steps in this guide doesn't work on my samsung galaxy ace 2 with the latest version of spotify mobile. I cant access the setupscreen through the hardware menukey and i need help!


I'm using the newest version of spotify mobile

on my mphone with gingerbread 2.3.6


does anyoone have a solution for my problem? 


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Ah poo.


It's unfortunately the final straw for me.  I already downgraded my subscription because the 'offline' play mode is what i wanted - I'll use on the desktop for now still, but will find another solution for the mobile app.


I don't really understand why spotify took off what is really an essential feature.


also, for spotify admins, please remove the website FAQ that tells people incorrectly that they can still do this.


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@acallaghan wrote:

I am mesmerised that I cannot use my micro SD to store tracks for Offline play. I will cancel subscription if this is not fixed ASAP. It has taken me weeks of frustration to work out this is why my playlists keep dissapearing.


 It's just not acceptable and makes no sense. And how do I actually make a formal complaint about this to be solved anyone?

You can contact Spotify using the Support Form.


Be aware that this issue has been in place since the creation of the new look app.

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That's right, as Josef has said - version 0.5.12 will store your data in the most efficient location on your phone/device.


To get this to work the first time you may just have to use the new 'delete cache' option in the settings and relaunch the app.


We're discussing this particular release over here: 


So please let us know how you get on with this feature.

Check out our Twitter for the latest updates on any service issues: @Spotifystatus

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Thank you very much for the workaround, I just got my Galaxy Note 2, and this seems to be working. 


To find the correct location of my sd card I just went into Astro File Manager and clicked on the "Local Storage 2", then it displays (almost) the path in the top row, in my case /storage/extSdCard.


This was bloody hardcore, but it worked.


For those of you who wish to follow this procedure with a Samsung Galaxy Ace 2: the location for the external sd-card is /mnt/sdcard/external_sd. The chance exists that it still writes tracks to your local storage. If so, clear all settings and cache, log out, reset all settings, and try again. it should work.


I'm amazed that Spotify messed up badly here. On my Alcatel OT995 (running Android 2.3 just the same), it just picked the largest storage device. On Samsung, it keeps trying to write everything to the local storage. That's just silly. 


Updated: the following links might help you if you have problems with this issue:


Thanks +++.  This did not work for me until I realised that I needed to put a forward slash at the end of the external SD card's path i.e. I was putting /mnt/external1 as the path.  What worked in the end was /mnt/external1/  Thanks again to all.  I have a  shiny new Motorola Razr i which only has 5gb of internal storage memory available to the user (the phone is great in all other respects as I don't like surfboard sized phones). This work around was a god send.