I can't play a specific song


I can't play a specific song







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I have the song "Ave Maria" from Kollegah and Farid Bang in my playlist, but everytime the song would play, it skips to the next one. This is the only song where this happens. It has "explicit" content, but I already activated "show explicit songs" in the settings. If I search for the song tho, I can listen to it. But in my playlist it won't play. Why is this so and what can I do against it?

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It might be that the owner of the song removed it from Spotify to add it at a later time.

When it was added again it gets recognized as a new song as the owner might changed some metadata about it resulting in the song saved to your playlist as unavailable.


I have a few of such songs in my Liked Songs list and over a dozen of my playlists.


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