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I cannot turn off the recommended songs

I cannot turn off the recommended songs

I've been trying to do everything to get rid of the Spotify recommendations. I have my own Playlist that I want to listen and I'm absolutely not interested in any other suggestions. Can you please help me stop it or I have to unsubscribe and delete Spotify and use some other music app.
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Hi there!


Are these suggestions adding themselves to your playlist, or are you asking about songs on the home screen, for example?

I have a similar problem. There are recommended songs at the end of my playlist and I want them gone. How do I do that?

Yes, I am having the same issue.  I'm ready to leave Spotify if this isn't fixed. I HATE it when I'm working out, doing reps, and I random song that I have not added comes on!  Make it stop!

Hey folks!


Could you please make sure Smart Shuffle is turned off?
If it's on, you will get recommendations in your queue but they will not be visible in your playlist.

Another setting worth checking is Autoplay from the app settings. 
With these two turned off, you shouldn't be getting any more unwanted recommendations.

Hope this helps!

And @deezyweezy24 , we removed one of your similar posts from another thread as we're replying to you here, hope you don't mind ‌‌:) 

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