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I miei brani preferiti non riproducibili su Google home

I miei brani preferiti non riproducibili su Google home

Riproduce tutto tranne la playlist dei brani che mi piacciono
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Hey @Kuaglia


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community. Hope you don't mind a reply in English, as it is the official language of the Community 🙂


Could you let us know what exactly happens when you try listening to your Liked songs on the speaker?


On another note, we'd like to know if this started happening after a specific event such as an update. 


Lastly, we suggest that you check if the firmware of your speaker is up to date. 


We'll be on the lookout for your reply.

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Salve, a casa ho un TV Sony con Google TV e un Google nest hub. Su entrambi
posso riprodurre qualsiasi brano o playlist ma in nessun modo la playlist
con i brani che mi piacciono, per capirci, quelli con il cuore. Sul mio
telefono (Xiaomi Mi 10 lite 5G) la playlist è riproducibile , quando provo
a passarla si attiva l'app Spotify ma non riproduce niente continuando a
suonare sul telefono. Anche quando uso l'assistente vocale parte l'app ma
non riproduce niente. Ripeto, questo solo con i brani che mi piacciono il
resto viene tutto riprodotto. Tutto questo invece a mia moglie non succede
a lei viene riprodotto tutto senza problemi. Lei ha un Samsung. Aggiungo
che nella mia playlist ci sono più di 13000 brani. Forse sono troppi?

Hey @Kuaglia,


Thanks for getting back to us.


We'd recommend that you simply ask Google to "play my songs on Spotify". This command should defaults to your Spotify liked songs playlist and might do it for you.


It's also a good idea to clear your device's cached files by following the steps in this support article. 


In case the issue persists, could you please let us know how you're connecting your devices? Are you using the Connect feature or you're connecting them via Bluetooth? 


On another note, having a very large number of Liked Songs can have an impact on the app's performance, such as what you're mentioning. Maybe it'll be beneficial if you divide your songs into different playlists and try if the same behavior continues. 


Hope this helps. If you have any questions or need anything else, the Community is here for you.

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