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I paid on May 23, 2019 my Premium Spotify and I don't have it

I paid on May 23, 2019 my Premium Spotify and I don't have it






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I got charged, on May 23, 2019, $9.99 for my monthly Spotify Premium and now my profile wants me to pay again offering me the 3 months for $.99 offer while it took off my Premium and ALSO deleted all my playlists. Currently I can't use my account. I deleted the app and download it again, asked for my username/email and password. I couldn't get in with my previous password so I had to change it. I did this twice because it wouldn't let me access and verify my playlist and to check if my Premium was back. I did not work.  Currently I have a Free Spotify account without my playlists.  I just want someone to help me with this issue that it's bothering me, please.  I can't pay again for a month that it's already paid, and please, if there's a way, can I get all my playlist restored? If it's too much of a problem, please, just help me with my Spotify Premium monthly charged and why it was unsubscribed from my account.


Please and thank you.




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